Final Grading Calculations

The syllabus provided the scoring details to be used in this course. The problem with publishing that at the beginning of the class is that as the class progresses, we may not do everything listed there. That means we need to recalculate the weighting of the work we actually did. In doing this I try to respect the relative weights, but details need to change.

Here is what we proposed, and what we actually did:

Item Planned Actual Planned Final
Orientation 1 0 5 0
Exams 2 2 30 30
Labs 15 6 30 25
HW 15 12 15 15
Group Projects 2 2 15 25
Participation 1 1 5 5

My plan is to shift the points so group projects and labs are both worth 25 percent.

To calculate your final score from the points posted on BB, (this is the formula in my gradebook), do this:

  • (Sum of home work grades)/1.2 = HW
  • (Sum of lab scores)/1.8 = LAB
  • (Total grade for Exam 1)/1.5 = EX1
  • (total grade for Exam 2)/1.5 = EX2
  • (Sum of Group projects)/2 = GP
  • Attendance score = ATT

The grade calculation looks like this:

  • Final grade = 0.15*HW + 0.25*LAB + 0.15*EX1 + 0.15*EX2 + 0.25*GP + 0.05*ATT

All grades can be improved by submitting corrections, except for the written exam grades. The deadline for all submissions is Sunday, May 13 at Midnight, the official end of the term. Grades will be available online on Thursday of the following week.


School policy states that I cannot provide your grade using email.